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12th December 2016

The role of a Market research data analyst is to study a wide range of statistics collected through different forms of surveys.

To become any form of analyst, you require a degree or equivalent to qualification which may include those in maths, business studies or economics. To specialise in medical or economic research, it is best to have already earned a master’s degree.

You will need to have…

  • Good maths and IT skills
  • A creative flare
  • Ability to effectively problem solve
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • The ability to work under pressure

Your daily tasks may include speaking to clients to understand their needs as well as maintaining business to business relationships, presenting results in an agreed and useful ways which may include the use of graphs and written reports.

As a beginner, you should expect to earn up to £22,000 in your role as a Market Research Data Analyst but should expect this to increase up to £35,000 with experience to £60,000 in a managerial position.

You will usually work office hours, Monday to Friday, 9-5, although will be expected to work overtime to meet deadlines and meeting clients as and when required.

In gaining experience, you can progress into a managerial role or become self-employed, giving you the opportunity to liaise on how much you will earn per project.

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