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3rd December 2016

The role of a business project manager is to create and co-ordinate tasks, people and resources to complete a project on time and on budget.

Project managers can between £25,000 to £30,000 as a starter and up to £60,000 being highly experienced. Factors affecting your salary may include the type of industry worked in as well as the size and type of the project although freelance work is more common within this industry, providing you with the opportunity to liaise with clients to negotiate a daily rate. You may receive incentives for meeting deadlines.

Working a set 35-40 hours per week, depending on different types of projects (which can vary from introducing a new system to helping plan development) your daily tasks will include setting targets according to what the business or client wants to achieve, planning for each project stage, monitoring project progress and regularly reporting to senior managers for feedback.

As project managers have a high level of responsibility, you will be required to have experience in the job role. You may decide to undertake a graduate traineeship, take a degree or already have an existing postgraduate qualification in the business sector as well as already having experience in major projects. As a beginning, you may decide to work your way up from a project support role.

To do this, you will need exceptional organisational and planning skills as well as good leadership and communication skills to ensure team members involved in each project are constantly aware and up-to-date with the progress of the project and what the next stage is. You should also have good budgeting skills and the knowledge of how to use online project management software.

In gaining experience within the industry, you may decide to move into senior management roles or become freelance.

Sound like a career you’d like to pursue? Delve into what your daily commitments may entail:

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