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The benefits of seasonal jobs

24th November 2016

Seasonal jobs are temporary placements available in retail and hospitality which take place throughout the holiday season to help manage increased product or service demand.

What are the benefits of undertaking a seasonal job?

  • As well as work focused, seasonal jobs give you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.
  • Flexible working hours: Seasonal jobs usually offer a wide range of working hours so you can choose those that accommodate your needs best – especially as many businesses stay open later and for longer. You will also learn a lot in the few weeks working in your temporary placement so be prepared to develop new and existing skills!
  • The top benefit of undertaking seasonal work includes making money for the season – whether you have an existing job or not which can be especially useful in the run up to Christmas or summer!
  • All jobs have their perks and so do seasonal placements! Wide ranges of companies will offer employee discounts on products – which is great when deciding what gifts to purchase! (And for yourself).
  • Finally… a seasonal job vacancy can provide you with a reference for your next job as well as allowing you to try out a job you’re interested in or did not consider as a career beforehand and the possibility of gaining part-time or full-time employment with the original employer – so ensure you make a good impression!

To find out more about current seasonal job vacancies available, please get in touch with a careers adviser on: 0808 164 2551 

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