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Motivation at work

24th November 2016

The New Year holds many unknown opportunities and surprises, all of which you can work towards unlocking to achieve your desired goals; the difficult part is maintaining your focus, determination and motivation to get you through the week. Take note of the simple steps below to ensure you have a happy, healthy and productive experience to kick-off 2017.

Remind yourself of your goals:

Before getting stuck into your daily workload, remind yourself of your goals and what you aim to achieve on a day-to-day, weekly or monthly basis to avoid losing sight of them.

Constantly reminding yourself of your goals will help you to stay motivated and recognise your progress.

Organise your time:

Organising your time can significantly increase your energy levels due to the undone activities circulating in your mind costing you much more time than the work you have already produced or are near to completing.

Eliminate any distractions:

Beat procrastination by removing anything that is leading you to become distracted including turning off notifications to resist the urge of using your mobile and constantly refreshing your inbox. This may include decluttering your work space both surrounding you and digitally to increase productivity and boost creativity.

Take a new approach:

Taking a different approach may help to complete your workload at a more efficient rate when working towards a deadline.

If your current approach isn’t producing the desired results, find another one and focus on your goal.

Stay healthy:

As tempting as it may be to snack on left over mince pies and unopened selection boxes, all of this will affect your levels of motivation both at home and in the work place. Providing your body with healthy foods will help you maintain a healthy mind-set and avoid you from feeling sluggish.

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